Jeremy Laney Pope

Ampac Holdings Promotional Video

For most of its history, Ampac Holdings suffered from the same negative public perception that has long plagued the packaging industry as a whole. That perception, right or wrong, holds the packaging industry accountable for much of the global problems with waste control. Complicating matters further, packaging industry leaders have been exceptionally slow to adopt business models that move their businesses, and the industry, into the twenty-first century. As a true innovator in flexible packaging products, Ampac Holdings completely overhauled its identity, attitude and corporate culture in 2010 to reflect both an awareness and passion for conservation, sustainability, people-relationships and action-oriented thinking that will change negative perceptions into positive ones.

Buffalo Trace : Single Oak Project Story : Video 1 : Tree Selection

Buffalo Trace of Frankfort, KY has been in continuous operation as a distiller for over two centuries. By definition, the art and science of distilling top quality straight bourbon whiskey is a time-intensive process. In 2010, the company set out to leverage its very loyal customer base to study and evaluate the nuances of aging whiskey in white oak barrels. After an exhaustive search for the appropriate trees with select characteristics, nearly one hundred special barrels were catalogued and stored for what would become a 4-year journey to define the highest quality ‘super bourbon’ ever produced. The Single Oak Project is an online user-experienced designed to allow purchasers of exclusive, hand-labeled and numbered bottles of Single Oak Project bourbon whiskey to review and rate the product on several key metrics. Expectations are high that in 2014, Buffalo Trace will possess the exact formula for the best Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey ever produced!

Buffalo Trace : Single Oak Project Story : Video 2 : The White Oak

Buffalo Trace : Single Oak Project Story : Video 3 : Barrels