Jeremy Laney Pope

2007 : Peyton Manning’s 4 Down Drill : A Sony Sweepstakes Promotion

For Sony Electronics, support for its popular line of Bravia HDTVs includes an array of celebrity promotions throughout each year. In 2007 Sony operated under contract with Peyton Manning for numerous Point-of-Sale Sweepstakes and Online Gaming Promotions that delivered significant discounts and premiums for consumers. I led the creative strategy and development for one such promotion that followed the 2007 professional football season. The user experience for “Peyton Manning’s 4 Down Drill” followed a fantasy-league style that allowed players to predict Peyton's performance each week. Winners each week were entered into a drawing for prizes that included significant discounts on purchases and a single winner of a 45" Sony Bravia HDTV.

2006 : ThyssenKrupp Elevator Online Training

Gamification of online education and training became an important consideration as bottlenecks with connection speed and processing power dissipated throughout the years between 2004 and 2008. ThyssenKrupp Elevator leveraged the technology to its full extent in 2006 with a Flash-based user experience that was incorporated into the company's employee training and advancement evaluation process. With the strength of the elevator metaphor at my disposal, I lead the design and development teams to build a complete administrator-managed online training system that was at once beautiful and engaging, yet fully functional and flexible for the application of new and dynamic content that included lessons, quizzes, managed tests and a variety of multimedia components.

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2006 : Dave & Buster's Online Games

The first steps major consumer brands took toward monetizing casual games online occurred between 2005 and 2007 as companies sought to engage users with games - offering discounts and other offers for product purchases either online or at retail locations. In 2006, Dave & Buster's leveraged the opportunity with a live point system that allowed online players to redeem points for real PowerCard game credits or discounts on food purchases in the Dave & Buster's restaurants. I served as the creative lead on the first round of games - providing strategy and design for UI, gameplay and graphics for titles, "Kitchen Kaos", "Cocktail CrissCross", and "PowerShot".